Sandy ChuSandy Chu
21:04 24 Jan 22
My husband and I have been taking dance classes at Kyryl Dance Studio for more than six years. After a couple of lessons in the beginning we were hooked. Kyryl is one of the top notch instructors in Canada with all the best qualities of passion, patience, positive encouragement and motivation. He made a big difference in our dance learning journey. ?
Annie MaAnnie Ma
06:45 17 Jan 22
Kyryl is the best Latin teacher with his Professionalism, integrity and passion! I still remember 10 years ago, always love watching him teaching the kids even just for few minutes, his technique, the style and musicality …, and the kids won the Championships in Canada and States???. A humble world class professional, never stop updating and learning more from the world’s top professionals?. We are so lucky to have a great teacher here, I’m grateful ?
Barbara LeungBarbara Leung
22:11 15 Jan 22
Kyryl is a great dance teacher. He is very dedicated in his profession and is greatly admired by many. He is good with all dance learners, competitors and amateurs. He readily shares his expertise to make us better dancers.I have been a fan and a student of Kyryl for many years. I highly recommend him to all dance lovers.
c mxc mx
23:26 14 Jan 22
Kyryl is truly a professional and dedicated teacher and coach. His passion for teaching international ballroom dancing is beyond describable. He is truly a gift to his students in his tireless effort to stay current with the best dance techniques and the most effective methods of dance education. His attitude towards dance and his breadth of knowledge inspire his students to reach for their limits and beyond. Over the years of learning from Kyryl, I always left his lessons/classses feeling more energized and more confident. I cannot recommend Kyryl enough if you are looking for a quality dance education!
Gina ZhengGina Zheng
21:03 14 Jan 22
Kyryl is an extremely dedicated coach who will go above and beyond to help his students reach their personal goals. His passion for dance is infectious and his love for teaching is indisputable. After so many years of experience, he does not stay stagnant and is always looking for new ways to improve his own dance technique and teaching methodologies. It's truly a pleasure to have learned from him for several years and hope to have the opportunity to continue in the future when this pandemic is behind us.