Covid-19 Safety Operations Plan for Kyryl Dance School

  1. Please monitor kids’ health before the classes. Please keep me posted if there are any changes to their health. There will be a temperature check for all students prior entering the studio.
  2. All parents and students need to have their masks on before entering the studio.
  3. Please wear only 3-layer masks for all students and parents. I will always have kids and adult masks available in the studio if needed. No one or two layer cloth masks please.
  4. Please No parents congregating in the studio. Only one parent per class can stay and watch the progress of a student (if needed we can create sign-up sheet). Please encourage your child to change on their own in the studio while you are waiting outside. I’m more than happy to provide specific feedback of the progress of any or each student. This is done to minimize the quantity of people in the studio, in particular that with the colder weather we cannot keep windows open all the time. I will still sanitize and air the room between classes.
  5. There is 15-30 minutes between the classes so students can change and leave before the next group comes in. Students will be invited to come in inside the studio (through text sent to the collective class group), preferably already wearing dance clothing (if this is possible).
  6. There will be cleaning (floor, benches, chairs), sanitizing (all surfaces) and airing room between all classes.
  7. Only 1 person is allowed to stay at the changing area at a time (there are two changing area spaces in the studio)
  8. Hand sanitizers will be provided upon the entrance into the studio. Everyone must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering, please.
  9. The studio’s floor has been marked with tape to make personal space boxes (3x3 meters). Students will be assigned to their specific box and will need to stay for the duration of the class.
  10. There is no partner dancing until further notice.
  11. NO food is allowed in the studio.
  12. Please contain your personal items to your own bag.
  13. Please do not attend the classes if a child (student) or any member of your household is unwell.
  14. Please do not attend the classes if you have been on any flights in the last 14 days (or members of your household).
  15. Please do not attend classes if you have been around someone who has been recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and you have not cleared 2 weeks quarantine.
  16. If a child (student) is sick more seriously or longer than 1 week period, please get tested for COVID before returning back to classes.
  17. Please notify us as soon as possible if anyone in your household or anyone of your close contacts has been suggested to self-isolate, get tested or diagnosed with COVID-19.