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Kyryl Dance

Ever since I started dancing I knew I would love to teach. My dance journey has allowed me to be surrounded by individuals who have motivated and inspired me. My coaches, teachers, peers, and, of course, my family have all contributed to the love of dance. Even though schooling and attaining a formal University degree was of great importance to me, I decided to pursue a professional teaching career upon its completion.

I have always enjoyed showing and explaining concepts and figures, but I never expected to fall in love with teaching so much! I love working with people, sharing my passion and knowledge with them and being a part of their artistic journey. For me, teaching is passion and art. Teaching, just like dancing itself, is not just a job or an activity - but it is a way of life.

I strongly believe in a systematic approach, in particular to a competitor’s development. However, development must also come from both sides - from the student, as well as from the teacher. For me, the key to continued success is to stay in the moment and embrace the journey full of highs and lows. Magic always happens when we believe in it, but more importantly, when we work hard to reach our goals. Stay motivated and stay inspired. Dance from your heart, but work your body hard! Happy dancing!
Kyryl Dudchenko